Kerani Kostopoulou

Principal Dentist

Personal Information

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Kerani has 30 years experience as a dental practitioner. The long career, started with her graduation from the renowned Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1989.

Followed by the establishment of her own dental practice in Central Stockholm, Sweden, where she moved with her, then, young family. Her career continued in the UK, with Kerani working as a dental associate in two two mixed NHS and private dental practices.

That is where she discovered her passion for providing NHS treatment and consequently established the Bank Chambers dental practise in 2002, where she is the principle dentist to date.

Her passion for NHS treatment and ability to adapt her work according to the local needs, it means that she can comfortably deal with any changes in clinical practice, legislation and administration, ensuring that the best possible care is always provided

As a lifelong committed dental practitioner, continued developing her dental skills, by focusing in root canal treatments and obtained a Diploma in Endodontics. Whilst keeping up to date with new developments and practices and attends various offline and online courses and training in regular basis.

Kerani’s focus has always been and still is the patients attending for her practice. Maintaining the highest possible standard of care for her practise and ensuring the continues development of her staff, with educational courses, warrants the high quality care she strives to provide.